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Hi there! Welcome to the Eleventh Realm. I’m Tin (he/they) and I’d love to share guidance and tools with you that have helped me to cultivate more space and expansiveness for self-remembrance and healing.

My vision is to help remind you of your own brilliance and magic, and to help you lead a more empowered life with greater emotional resiliency and creativity. We’ll work together to co-create an intuitive space for you to discover your own intuitive healing capabilities and connection to your inner wisdom. 

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Soothe your nervous system and promote healing through this universal energy.

Reiki reminds us that we come from pure love. Reiki is a Japanese healing modality delivering universal life force (ki— also known as chi, prana) energy that calms our nervous system and promotes self-healing. I offer in-person hands-on and distance reiki from the Usui lineage. As energy works beyond space and time, distance reiki is equally effective in reducing stress and promoting healing.

Distance: $44 / 1 hour
In-person: $88 / 1 hour

Akashic Records

Examine any areas in your life where you’d like more clarity.

The Akashic Records is a vast vibrational record of all existence’s experiences that arises in the past, present, future. By connecting to your records, we’ll bring back transformative insight from a spiritual perspective. This can be highly healing and helpful in giving you illumination into your paths in order to move forward and release any energetic stagnation.

$88 / 1 hour

︎Join a donation-based yoga class (with reiki) with me via Zoom. ︎
Email me if interested in joining.


“Being in Tin’s presence is instantly calming and uplifting. His warmth and love emanate from him and into everything he does. Our reiki session together completely calmed and transformed my body and mind. I went from feeling tense and tangled to being at peace with myself and more self assured. It was a truly transformative experience, and I couldn’t recommend it more highly.”

— Jenna (Brooklyn, NY)

“What a sweet, gentle way to connect with the lives of my two grandmothers, both recently passed within months of each other, in the distant country of my birth, and to meditate on my soul’s legacy in this life in the wake of such loss. Thank you Tin, for being a trusted channel of this sacred wisdom from my (Akashic) record keepers.”

— XiBing (Sydney, AUS)

“Tin’s yoga class will leave you feeling lighter, more inspired, and ready to step into your highest self. He is patient, clear, and empowering as a person and teacher. His cues and sequences left me feeling deeply connected to my body. I couldn’t recommend Tin more.”

— Emily (Athens, GA)

“Tin has a true gift and a real connection with the divine. Just being in their presence always has a way of reminding me what is most important and how much love there is all around us. I have so much gratitude that I get to have him on my side to walk this journey. Much Love!”

— Natalie (Ventura, CA)